Dorothy Bowers Set (5 Books)

The complete set of Dorothy Bowers’ Golden Age detective novels:  Postscript to Poison (1938), Shadows Before (1939), A Deed Without a Name (1940), Fear For Miss Betony (1941) and The Bells at Old Bailey (1947).

Bowers’ books are intricately plotted affairs, with the clues freely (but subtly), sprinkled throughout the story.  When Inspector Pardoe indicate he knows who the murderer is, the reader knows everything he does.

Aside from good plots, Bowers also depicts her characters, no matter how insignificant their role,  with great care.  As well as being brilliant reads, these novels bring to life 1930s and 40s life, with thoughtful descriptions of provincial England and the war years.

Despite being the only author inducted into the prestigious Detection Club in 1948 (and seen by many contemporary critics as the logical successor to Dorothy L. Sayers) Dorothy Bowers’s early death from tuberculosis resulted in her books becoming out of print for decades.  We are delighted to reissue them in 2019.

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By Dorothy Bowers

Postscript to Poison (ISBN 9781899000081)
Shadows Before (ISBN 9781899000104)
A Deed Without A Name (ISBN 9781899000128)
Fear For Miss Betony (ISBN 9781899000098)
The Bells At Old Bailey (ISBN 9781899000111)

Originally published in 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1947 by Hodder & Stoughton

New introductions by Moonstone Press


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