Theodore Terhune Bibliomystery Series Set


The Theodore Terhune Bibliomystery Series:

  1. Seven Clues in Search of a Crime
  2. House With Crooked Walls
  3. A Case for Solomon
  4. Work for the Hangman
  5. Ten Trails to Tyburn
  6. A Case of Books
  7. And a Bottle of Rum

Theodore Terhune, bookseller in tranquil Bray-in-the-Marsh Kent, inadvertently thwarts an attack on a young woman and gains a reputation for being a detective.  His accidental heroism leads him to a full range of adventures involving theft, con-artistry and murder.

Originally published in the 1940s by Bruce Graeme, the pseudonym of Graham Montague Jeffries, a founding member of  the Crime Writers’ Association.


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